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Betreff: HELP !!
Von: pa0qrs@ik0mil
Gruppen: ampr.bbs.amtor
Datum: 28. Jul 2014, 16:49:00

Dear readers of this msg.

I have two questions about pactor, becouse a am back on hf after 8 years qrt !

Could someone tel me where i can find a pactor WW  BBS list ?

Could someone tell me how to store settings like ( clock, date, mycall and so
on ) in the PTC-IIIusb ??
After power down all setting are back in factory defualt !!

Pse send mail in this box or  to

Thank in advance,
Piet Schipper / pa0qrs

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28.07. o HELP !!1pa0qrs

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